Monday, July 22, 2013

Eye Doctor

I took the older two boys to the eye doctor tonight.  Well Ash came too, but he didn't have a check up.  They are both 20/20...yay!  I was slightly nervous for Vann because he's been randomly complaining about things being blurry.  Mainly when he reads or is doing schoolwork.  The doctor said it just means his eyes need a break.  Good to hear his vision is still great!  And Chayce did awesome for it being his first visit.  I was super proud of both boys!  

The kids played a lot of Hungry, Hungry Hippos today.  In fact, they're playing it right now too.  That is one of my least favorite games.  It's so flippin' noisy!  They played it so much that they made up all these crazy ways to play.  Like instead of using your hands, you have to use your feet!

Chris made homemade perogies last night.  He filled half with mashed potatoes and half with sauerkraut.  They were good!  He took a plate of them to our Polish neighbors to thank them for watering our garden while we were out of town.  They were so surprised he made them from scratch!  Mostly because they said they won't even make them...they just buy them.  Chris is up for any challenge when it comes to cooking though :)

And since we had sauerkraut, we had reubens for dinner as well.  Mmmm, those are some good sandwiches!  I haven't had one in forever and I forgot how much I like them.  

Okay I'm off to get the boys in bed.  Hope you had a great Monday!

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