Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The kids were so funny today.  I was putting a load of laundry in the dryer and I walk out of the laundry room to see this...

They were 'meditating'...and saying 'ohhmmm'...and giggling all at the same time.  It was funny!

I bought some books for Vann off of mamalist...kinda like craigslist, but it's on facebook.  Anyhow, they were a steal and I couldn't pass them up.  Plus, I'm kind of a book freak.  I mean we use the library a ton, but I still love buying/having books of all kinds for the kids.  Anyhow, I got Vann a bunch of Goosebumps books.  I've never read one...although I do plan on reading one so, I know what they're all about...and neither had Vann, but as soon as we got them he dove right in!  He didn't want to stop, it was great.  Here's a pic of him reading...

Reading his 1st Goosebumps book 

Meanwhile, Ash and Chayce were checking out the Mousetrap game.  Ash was loving all the crazy parts!

Vann had to see what they were up to, then he went back to reading.

He liked that piece a lot!


Ash's new favorite thing to do is stick his tongue out.  It's flippin' adorable!

I am in love with this picture!!  Totally love it!

Chayce wanted a tongue picture too :)

Alrighty, I'm off to bed.  Hope your day was great!  Sleep sweet!

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