Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Birds and the Bees

Yes, it happened.  The question I've been dreading since Vann was little.  How did baby Ash get in your belly Mom?  

He was curious when Chayce was born about how he was going to get 'out' of my belly.  And that one was a bit easier to answer.  I tried the whole, my doctor will help him out, but that wasn't enough.  When he asked if he would come out of my mouth, I knew I had to give him a little more info.  I ended up telling him that he would come out of a special baby hole...just like your pee and poo. We talked about where it was and that only girls have them and all of that fun stuff.  He was good with that.  

The thing is, I like to be honest.  Well age appropriate honest.  And they are legitimate questions.  But they're still so tough to answer.  

The questions started as we were pulling into the Costco parking lot.  We had been discussing how male sea horses carry the eggs in their pouch till they hatch.  Then he began firing questions at me...I was so unprepared!  How did baby Ash get in your belly?  Do you have eggs?  I mean he wasn't in your belly, then he was in your belly.  How Mom??

I told him we'd talk about it after Costco.  The second we stepped foot into the parking lot after we were finished shopping the questions started again.  He was relentless!  I told him we'd talk about it when we got home.  I drove home thinking 'what the heck am I going to say'?!  

We pull into the driveway and he starts asking me again.  I mean we were technically home.  I avoided him again and told the boys to go watch a show while I put the groceries away.  Sigh.  What am I going to say?

After talking with my friend Paige...and going over how I was going to tell him without telling him everything, I went upstairs and pulled Vann aside.  We sat in the playroom...I figured there was no need to include Chayce just yet.  

We read a lot of animal books.  And every book talks about mating.  He's never asked exactly what mating is...yet.  So, I figured it would work for this convo.  I said, 'You know how animals mate.'  He said, 'Yes'  Me, 'Well humans do the same thing.  The dad's fertilize the mom's eggs and then it turns into a baby.'  Then we talked specifically about Chris, I and Ash.  And about how girls have eggs and boys don't.  He said, 'Ok, I get it now.'  And he repeated it all to me and said, 'Thanks Mom!'  

Then I bolted out of the room for fear of more questions.  I did not want him to ask me 'how' the dad's fertilize the eggs.  Please, please don't ask me that yet!!  He didn't...whew!

He did however follow me downstairs and ask me if Molly has eggs.  So, then I had to tell him about how she did, but now doesn't.  He wasn't too sure about all of that.  Thought it was strange that pets have those parts removed.  I told him why, but he still was like hmmm.  

So yeah, that happened the other day.  I hope I have a few more years till he asks me more questions.  I am sooo not ready for the real birds and the bees talk!

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