Friday, July 26, 2013

Juggler, Zoo and Fire Truck

We went to the library Wednesday night for a fun free event.  It was a juggling story teller.  He was great!  He kept the kids enthralled for an hour easily.  He had them interested and involved with his juggling, miming, silly voices and actions while he told his stories.  

Linda's in the stripes, next is Viv's blond lil' head, Vann's in red and Chayce is in blue next to him.

We decided last minute to go to the Brookfield Zoo yesterday and I'm so glad we did!  The weather was perfect, the kids enjoyed getting out of the house, and I got to chat with my friend, Donna, a bit.  It was a nice day!  I forgot to snap a pic of Ash, but he did great there...just relaxed in the stroller the whole time :)

Vann, Chayce and Nick learning about a leopard skull.

Nick is a little younger than Vann, but he's like a foot taller!  

Checking out the dinosaur

The firemen stopped by our new neighbors house last night to check a possible gas leak...turns out everything was fine...and the boys got to explore the fire truck!  The fireman made Chris get in the pic with baby Ash...he was thrilled, you know how much he loves photos.  Where's Chayce you ask??  He wasn't feeling a picture so, I didn't force him.  He was tired after our zoo outing so, he wasn't quite himself.  

Ash's first picture with a fire truck!

So, these jammies are from when Vann was a baby and they are my fav!  I should see if I have a pic of all three boys in them...I bet I'd be fun to compare their cute little selves :)

He likes looking out the window in the basement.  Especially when Molly is out going potty.  He really gets jabbering then!

My sweet baby :)  

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