Friday, September 27, 2013

Draw Write Now

I think I've told you about this new thing I started with the boys this year.  It's called Draw Write Now.  It's a workbook, I got the one about the USA, that shows you how to draw a picture step by step and then it has a few sentences about the picture for them to write.  So, the kids practice drawing and writing in a fun way.  And the boys love to draw so, I knew this would be a hit with them!

Chayce drawing the Statue of Liberty.  

Vann thinking about what to do next.

They both did really well!  It was cool to see all the details they put into it.  

Did you watch Greys last night??  It was good!  But I stayed up way too late watching it.  At least it's Friday so, I can sleep in past 5:15am tomorrow.  Yay for the weekend!

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