Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last soccer game

Vann had his last soccer game on Saturday.  The last official game is actually this coming Saturday, but we'll be in Ohio so, he'll miss it.  I figured I'd better snap a few pics with my good camera so here they are...

On our way to the game

Vann running down the field...he's in the blue and white jersey...#6

Trying to get the ball from the other team.

These next pics are of Chayce being silly.  

It was hilarious...I was cracking up!

Giving Ash hugs

He loves his little brother!

Sweet lil' thing :)

Don't eat the leaf Ash!


I don't think we won the game, but Vann did score a goal so, that was exciting!  Now that soccer's over, I'm thinking I'll sign the boys up for swimming lessons.  They'll be excited about that.  

Okay I'm super tired so, I'm outta here.  Have a good night!

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