Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Car

For Ash not me!  I wish...well not really.  We finished paying off the Toyota this summer so, now we have no car payments which is super duper nice.  So, I don't see a new car anywhere in my near future.  Plus, I kinda like my minivan.  Chris calls it the 'mothership'...thinks it's big and looks kinda like a spaceship...whatev, it gets us where we need to go and that's all I really care about :)

Back to Ash's new car.  He got spoiled by Aunt Kathy for his birthday.  She got him this fun Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Car.  It's pretty cute!  

Vann putting Ash's car together

Ash checking it out

He was still not feeling well so, he wasn't very smiley, but he does like it.
Look at his curls...love them!  He really does need a haircut, but I'm not ready to cut them off just yet. 

Did you see my fun new car?!

I know this thing has a door, but I'm getting out the hard way :)

Little cutie!

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