Tuesday, October 29, 2013

R5 Concert

I'm super excited...tomorrow the boys and I are going to see their favorite band, R5, in concert at the House of Blues in Chicago!  I told you awhile back that they love that band and about a week and a half ago I saw they were playing downtown and I just had to take them.  So, we surprised them yesterday with the tickets...they're pretty excited!  

They've been listening to their R5 cd over and over again since they got it and already know every word to every song.  I can't wait to watch them watch the band perform.  It's gonna be great!  I was joking with Vann all day today.  I'd say, 'I'm gonna dance like this tomorrow.'  And then I would do a ridiculous dance move.  He'd say, 'Mom you better not!  You're gonna ruin my night.'   Haha...I love it!  He also told me I can't sing either.  And then there's Chayce who says, 'Yeah Mom, dance like that!'  All the kids were cracking up at my awesome dance moves :)

So, I was shopping online for presents for Vann this morning since his birthday is on Monday.  I love Amazon's free two day shipping!  Anyhow, Chayce was peeking over my shoulder and helping me pick stuff out for him.  At one point Vann, who knew what we were doing, asks what we're looking at.  And Chayce without skipping a beat says, 'Baby wipes.'  I just looked at him and laughed.  And said, 'Yeah we're deciding between scented and unscented.'  Vann's all, 'You better not get me baby wipes!  I'll just give them to Baby Ash if you do.'  I thought it was so clever of Chayce to just rattle that off :)  And so proud he didn't ruin Vann's birthday surprises.  Good job Chaycers!

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