Thursday, October 31, 2013

R5 Rocks!

The concert was a big hit with the boys!  It took us f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get there because of traffic, but we got there right at 6:30pm when the concert started which was okay because there was another band playing.  Then a DJ played for a bit too.  R5 started performing at 8pm and played for an hour.

It was kinda hard for the kids to see since they're so short, but we made it work.  We were on the first balcony which helped a little.  Then Vann stood on the railing and I popped Chayce up on my shoulders.  I was willing to endure a little pain so, he could enjoy himself :)  Surprisingly my back doesn't hurt today...I was ready for it to be all outta whack.  About 40 minutes into the concert we scored a stool because someone was leaving so then the boys shared that which worked out great.  They both took a turn standing on it so, they could really see everything then.

The best was watching Vann really get into it...singing and bopping his was great!  Chaycers is so shy in crowds.  He was pretty quiet the whole time, but he said he loved it.  As we were walking out, Vann said, 'That. was. AWESOME!'  I'm so, so happy we got them well spent :)

I love the lights in this picture.

Chaycers and I

A little glimpse of Ross Lynch there in the middle...he's Austin from the show Austin & Ally.

Had to get a picture of their smiley faces before we left.

Vann and I

Here's their website if you want to check them  Vann really wanted to buy a poster or something before we left, but the line was very long and full of crazy 14 year old girls so, I told him I'd buy him something online.  

We had a little adventure on the way home.  Disclaimer...I suck at driving super suck.  I also don't like it at all.  Enter our TomTom.  This little device is supposed to tell me exactly where to go, right?  Well everywhere except downtown because it can't get a signal because of all the tall buildings.  Awesome...not.  I get on what I think is the correct road.  I was on the left, but was supposed to be on the right.  Missed getting on the correct highway.  No bueno.  I'm pretty sure I said a few swear words.  It was dark, rainy, semi trucks all around me, cars zooming everywhere, me going like 40 trying to figure out how the heck to get over and where to go once I got there.  Ugh it was not good.  Then I exited and thought I was turning around, but in fact wasn't.  We finally ended up back downtown right where we started and this time I stayed to the right so, I could get on the correct highway.  Whew.  

So you guys know I love saving money.  Well, I not only saved money on the tickets, I also saved on the valet parking.  Here's how...I bought the tickets through Live Nation.  As I was checking out I noticed a spot for a voucher code.  So, I did a quick google search for one...ebay popped up.  After shopping around on ebay for a bit I ended up buying a $100 Live Nation Concert Cash for only $80...saved $20!  Then when I bought the tickets on Live Nation I just typed in the code I got from ebay and it took $100 off...score!

Then as I was planning my drive down there I noticed you could prepay for parking. does this work I ask myself?  I did a little research and ended up buying a parking pass that was good for valet parking at the House of Blues from this   It was $20, but I entered a code that saved me 10% so $2...$18 to park, not bad especially since if I had paid for it there it would've been $29 without the tip.  I was happy to have saved a little money in both cases.

Oh and another super cool thing was that I used my phone for everything.  I showed the valet guy my parking pass on my phone and then I showed the ticket lady our tickets on my phone...super easy!

It was a great night and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  The boys and I had a lot of fun and little Ash had some good quality time at home with Dad.  Vann has been listening to his R5 cd all day again today and is already asking when they'll have another concert we can go to again :)

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