Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!!  Here are a ton, like 50!, pics from our Halloween...

My lil' cutie him!  This was from a few days ago. 

Running from Vann :)

Ash with his skeleton shirt on.  He was carrying the hangers from the costumes around and hollering :)

He found a pumpkin!

And another pumpkin!  He thought he was gonna get in trouble for getting the other pumpkin, but I told him it was okay and he was a happy
camper :)

Look at me...I've got two pumpkins!


Yelling and banging them together!

More banging

Lil' cutie!

We still had school work to do even though it was Halloween

General Grievous checking out his muscles :)

My cute little Darth Vader!

More muscles...haha!


Okay back to work...

We painted some little pumpkins

Chaycers rinsing his brush

Chayce painted a face on his

Vann painted Bowser on his...finished pics are at the end of this post...

Smile boys!

Ash watching Dad blow a bubble.  Funny thing is he liked it at first.  Then Chris made it pop and that was it.  Ash was scared of his gum after that.  Didn't even want to go by him because he still had it in his mouth.  

Awww, look at that cute lil' ninja!!

I love that he kept his head thing on for awhile

Watching the boys with their light sabers

Love him!

And it's off!  

But wait, let me try to put it back on...

My lil' ninja, Darth Vader and General Grievous

it was raining here so, I decided to drive the boys around to trick or treat.  Not every house on our block hands candy out so, this way kept us a little drier.  Well I stayed totally dry since I was driving :)  It worked out great!  And since we were already in the car, we trick or treated a few of our friends that lived nearby :)

Ash checking out some of the boys' candy

He was like this stuff looks cool.

Let me sit down and take a better look...

What's this one?

The wrapper tastes good :)

Vann's Bowser pumpkin...he did such a good job!!

The back of his shell

And the side with his tail and horns

Chayce's can't see it, but he used a lot of glitter paint 
on it :)

The back of Chayce's

So now we have a ton of candy to do I don't know what with.  I'll let the boys eat a few pieces a day for like a week and then it's got to go...either to Chris's work or the freezer or the garbage.  Speaking of candy...they got a lot of full size candy bars!  So crazy.  Hope you had a fun Halloween!!

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