Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I taught the boys how to play solitaire the other day.  We always played a lot of cards growing up and that was one of my favs.  I loved playing it with my Mom, Grandma and Aunt Jean.  So far they're liking it.  Chayce still needs a little help, but he gets excited when he has any play at all.  I told them to keep playing and soon I'll teach them how we can all play solitaire together.  

Harley's checking out what Vann's doing while she's eating her snack :)

In only a few more days my sweet lil' baby will turn one year old.  I feel like he's been growing up so quickly lately.  He's talking more, doing things purposefully, copies what we say and do, laughs a lot, dances so adorably, I just love that little baby!  He's really into putting things in something and then taking them out and doing it all over again.  When we put music on he bounces and nods his head to's so flippin' cute.  

Chaycers being silly

He sits like this all the time.

Smile Vann!

Ash is trying to get the camera lens cap off the couch

Harley likes to be by Baby Ash

He was bopping his head up and down to the music :)



Snagged a goldfish from Vann

Mmm, this is good!

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