Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ash's one year checkup

Yes, I realize Ash is 13 months old.  But because of shots and my schedule his one year checkup just happened yesterday.  And it was the worst time for a baby to have an appt ever...8pm.  I'm not joking.  I made the appt two months ago and the next available appt wasn't until the end of November which would've messed with his shot schedule she said so, an 8pm appt is what we got.  

He really didn't do that bad.  I mean he cried and screamed...a lot.  But the second he got back in my arms he was the most snuggly baby ever.  Poor thing...watching your baby get shots is the worst.  But we made it and he doesn't have to go back again till he's 15 months old.  

He's a little peanut!  He weighs 18 lb 15.5 oz and is 29.75 inches tall.  

Playing with a puzzle before he got called in.

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