Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vann's 8th Birthday!

He did it.  He turned 8!  And then a thought crossed my mind...I almost have a ten year old.  Wow.  Crazy!  

Vann began his special day by opening his presents.  Here are a few pics...

Checking out his new Sonic guys.

He's wanted this set for awhile now.

Eye Brawl!!  He's also wanted this guy for forever.

What could this one be?!


Chayce picked out this Lego set for him.  Vann loved it!  He put it together in like 30 minutes.  

Ash has a bow on his head!

While no one is looking I'm gonna get Vann's presents...

I was trying to distract him...don't remember what I said, but it ended with a 'yay!'  

The boys love Skylanders.

Happy Birthday time!

He asked for a strawberry cake so, that's just what he got.  I did something different with the frosting and made it with pudding, powdered sugar and whipped cream....turned out yummy!  

A shot of the inside...it was pretty good!

Building with his new erector set.  

While Chayce circles toys he wants in one of the Christmas catalogs. 


Birthday boy!

I really like that the erector set takes him longer to put together than Legos do.  Plus he's using tools which is kinda cool.  

Meanwhile Ash played with a balloon :)

We ended the day all snuggled up watching Monsters University.  We started it kinda late so, we didn't get to watch it all, but it's pretty cute so far.  We'll finish it at some point today.  

Happy Birthday to my sweet lil' Vann!  We love you bunches!!

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