Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Ash is just starting to become attached to his blanket.  He was carrying it around all day today and laying on it whenever he got the chance.  

Snuggled up watching a Baby Einstein movie

Aawww...sweet baby!

He's also starting to become quite a little stinker!  He's very expressive when he doesn't get what he wants.  He screams and gets all's pretty funny.  

He also loves feeding Molly.  When he's all done with his meal he yells, 'Moll!'  She comes running and then he'll throw his food down to her.  This continues until his plate is empty or I get him out of his chair.  

When we look for something, I'll ask him, 'Where did it go?' and I lift my hands up, ya know like you do when you say 'where is it?' or 'I don't know'.  And he'll walk around with is little arm up saying, 'Go?  Go?' over and over till we find it.

One more thing I love then I'm off to bed.  When he's going downstairs and he turns around 4 feet away and starts backing up...seriously so cute!

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