Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Random Acts of Kindness

The boys and I have been enjoying doing our random acts of kindness everyday.  It's fun to hear them talk about it and remind me that we need to do it and the excitement in their faces while we do it.  

Here's what we've been up to...
Day 4 - They sent hugs to someone special.  We traced the boys' handprints, cut them out, they wrote a little note and colored them.  Then we attached string that was as long as their arms are while stretched out wide.  Baby Ash sent a hug too...his handprints are so little :)

Day 5 - Vann wrote a note that said, 'This treat is on me!  Happy Holidays!' and he taped it to a $1 bill.  Then while we were at Walgreens picking up our photo card order he put the $1 bill in front of a piece of Christmas candy...chocolate Santa's.  We were hoping to see someone pick it up while we waited for our photos, but no such luck.  He was all smiles was great!

Day 6 - Chayce's turn to leave a 'Happy Holidays!' $1 bill.  He asked me if we could do this again so, that he could be the one to leave it and of course I said yes :)  This time we went to Jewel.  On the way in the boys dropped a few coins in the Salvation Army jug and then we headed to the candy aisle.  He put his $1 bill in front of the M&M's.  

Day 7 - Today we went to Barnes & Noble.  Every year they take books people buy and donate and they give them to children at a nearby hospital.  So, the boys each picked out a book...Vann chose a Cat in the Hat book and Chayce chose a Curious George book.  They wrote their names on a card that got put on the book so, the children receiving it would know who it was from.  We paid for them and then donated them.  What was cool was that as we were walking into the store, a lady was leaving and asked if we would like her coupon that she wasn't going to use.  I said, 'I'd love it thanks!'  Vann looked at me and said, 'She just did a random act of kindness!'  

 Click here to see what we did on days 1-3.  

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