Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!!  I know I'm a few days late :)  We didn't do any traveling this Christmas.  In fact, I was missing my fam on Christmas Eve when we didn't have anywhere to be.  But we made the best of it...we had a fire, got cozy on the couches and watched 'A Christmas Story'.  The boys had never seen it before...they liked it a lot!  

I was super excited for the boys to wake up and see what Santa had brought them.  It's the best watching their eyes light up when they get the presents they really wanted.  Being Santa is fun!  Here are a few pics from Christmas morn...

See that blue ball?  There's a hamster in there!  The boys were pretty excited :)  With Dad's help they named her Bubblegum.  I guess there's a cartoon he watches, 'Adventure Time' I think, with a Princess Bubblegum.  

They each got a recorder. And let me tell you they make beautiful music :)

Opening a joint present...I think this was a DS game.  Chayce was stoked about it and played it a lot on Christmas day.

Goonies!  I had never seen this movie before, but Chris said it was a must have for Vann.  We just watched it last night and it was liked by all.

A Snap Circuits set! 

Jabba's Palace!  He's been asking for this Lego set for like two years now.  

A 'find it' toy like Grandma Olson has.  We've found everything except four things, one being the penny...did you ever find the penny in yours Grandma?

This boy loves Skylanders!  

Chayce's first big Lego set!  

A ninja castle!

Skylanders swapforce for Wii...this was his most wanted present this year along with Jabba's Palace.

A Halo set...

Bop It Tetris...another thing he's been wanting for forever.

The aftermath...

Baby Ash slept through the older boys opening their presents.  It was okay though cuz he had all of our attention while opening his presents :)  My poor baby has pink sad :(
He loves his new ball though!

And his new pig!  He's making the oink oink sound :)

Chayce helping him open his bathtub basketball set...

Checking out his cash register...he likes this one a lot too.  

The first present Vann opened was the Snap Circuit set. 

By the end of the day, Vann had put together all of his Lego sets...he's so quick at putting them together!  I'm pretty sure they each played with almost everything they received.  One of their fav's that made them giggle a ton was the fart blaster...even Dad enjoyed this one :)  

Ash loved Andy because he read him books for like a hour.  It was cute!

Casey and Andy came over in the afternoon.  We cooked our turducken and it turned out yummy.  Chayce, who is our picky eater these days, ate a huge piece of duck like it was candy!  

It was a great Christmas!  

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