Friday, December 27, 2013

Our final Acts of Kindness

Well, these won't really be our 'final' acts of kindness.  But it's the end of our Kindness Advent Calendar.  We'll definitely continue to do kind things for people, you just won't be reading about it every few days :)  

Day 18 - The boys called someone special to tell them good night.  I really like this one and want to keep doing it.  The boys loved it and so did the person on the other end.  Smiles all around!

Day 19 - The boys drew pictures and Vann wrote a letter to someone special :)

Day 20 - Chayce was super helpful and spent a lot of time on his own, without me asking him, making all the babies in the house laugh.  He really does love little ones!  

Day 21 - Vann surprised me with a fresh cup of ice water while I was sitting on the couch.  It was super cute and very kind :)

Day 22 - All three boys and I went driving around looking at Christmas lights and both older boys were very helpful in keeping Ash happy and content.  They are great big brothers!  

Day 23 - The boys colored pictures for a friend who came over to play.  Their little friend was very excited to take them home with him when he left :)

Day 24 - The boys wrote Santa letters and left him some yummy snacks.  I know Santa's not 'real', but they both were excited for this to be their random act of kindness so, I went with it :)

Day 25 - Vann was so super sweet and made all of us a special picture a few weeks ago and wrapped it up.  Then he put it under the tree on Christmas Eve so, we could open it in the morning.  Love that boy!

Writing Santa letters...


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