Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sore throat and dish soap

Here's how the story goes...

It all started Sunday night around dinner time.  I sat down to eat and was like 'Oh man, I don't feel that great.'  The next day my throat was a little scratchy.  On Tuesday my throat was hurting like hell.  Like so bad I'd rather just spit my saliva out than swallow it.  Am I the only one that does that?  Not only did my throat hurt, but my whole body ached, my head pounded pretty much all day, I had a fever on and was great.  We played hooky from school and the boys played a lot of Legos and watched probably too much tv. 

Then Tuesday night I was chatting with my friend while sitting on the couch.  I hear lil' Ash making lots of noise in the kitchen.  He does this often...empties the snack cabinet, throws rubbermaid containers all over the floor, puts the recycles in Molly's water, you know that kind of thing.  So, I just figure he's making his usual mess of the place.  Well, I was wrong...very, very wrong.  Chayce walked in the kitchen (which for those of you who don't know the layout of our house...the kitchen is like 4 steps from the couch I was sitting doors to go through...I can see the fridge from the couch...they're super close).  So he walks into the kitchen and yells, 'Mom!  Ash is pouring out all the orange stuff!'  I jump up and am thinking to myself what orange stuff??  The orange juice is in the fridge and there's no way Ash got that out.  Nope it wasn't orange juice.  It was orange Dawn dish soap.  Yes my friends, I had almost a whole bottle of dish soap on my kitchen floor with a cute lil' baby sitting right in the middle of it all.  That was a fun mess to clean up!  

He had unlocked the childproof lock we have on the cabinets he's not supposed to get into.  And I knew he could do this, but he doesn't ever do it so, I've never been worried.  Till I had orange dish soap all over my floor.  So, this morning I put a ponytail holder around the knobs.  The first thing Ash did when he woke up was try to get into that cabinet again.  He started hollering because he couldn't open it...sorry lil' buddy, that fun is over!  So, now he bangs the doors open and closed...hopefully that'll get old soon.

Hey!  Can somebody help me open these doors?!

Haha Ash!  No more soap for you...lil' stinker :)

I still felt like total crap when I went to bed last night.  But amazingly I woke up feeling much better.  My throat's still a little sore, but I can swallow.  My head doesn't hurt and my body isn't achy.  I'm on the up and up!  

And for those of you wondering...Chris and I have no idea 'how' Ash got the cap off the dish soap.  Apparently he unscrewed it...which is pretty amazing since he's only 14 months old.  I'm gonna have to watch this one that's for sure!  

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