Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun Friday

We played hooky from school on Friday and instead did a bunch of crafty things and played a bunch of games.  Here are a few pics of the boys in action...

Chaycers thinking about his next move.


Vann's making a move.


Ooh what should I do next?!


They were playing Qwirkle.  

Making a volcano.

Adding some black goo.

And some googly eyes.

Now it's time for make believe with dinosaurs.  

They played with this for over an hour!

Ash is like 'Pick me up Mom!'

And since I wouldn't he decided to do this...

He showed me :)

Painted a few magnets.

They love stamping.  I really need to buy more because we don't have many options.  

Vann's fish and turtle

Chayce's turtle...he didn't paint a fish.

It was a fun day!  A nice break from our normal routine.  We had a pretty laid back weekend.  Went to the library to pick up a few things.  The boys got a discovery's a backpack filled with books and games all about one subject.  We got one about math which I'll incorporate into our lessons this week.  I was excited that the movie 'The Hunger Games' and the second book from the Hunger Game series 'Catching Fire' were both finally available.  I watched the movie last was good!  I guess the movie 'Catching Fire' is in theaters right now.  I may try and go see it.  

Well dinner is almost done so, I need to go round up the boys.  Chris is making pork chops, green beans, mushrooms and some sort of rice dish.  Smells good that's for sure!  

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