Sunday, March 23, 2014

They passed!

The boys had their last swimming lesson yesterday.  They both passed and are moving onto the next level!  I expected Chayce to move up no problem, but wasn't sure about Vann.  He learned so much this session though.  I'd love to put them in the next set of lessons, but I need to wait for Vann's baseball schedule.  I have a feeling things will overlap if I try to do both, but we'll see.  I did get a pool pass so, we'll definitely be swimming a lot more this year.  Now to find a swimsuit.  Seriously, it's worse than buying jeans.  

Here are a few pics of Ash being silly with a pencil…

He thought he was soooo funny!

Coloring next to Vann

He kept laughing at himself…it was cute :)

The boys are being lazy today…they're still in their jammies :)  I ran a few errands and cleaned the house.  I still have a bit of laundry to finish up.  I also need to do some school prep.  Did you see that Divergent is in the theaters?!?!  I'm sooo excited to see it.  My friends and I are going on April 4th…Paige is out of town so, we need to wait for her to get back.  I really can't wait!  

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