Wednesday, March 5, 2014


How many kids does it take to play the game Perfection??

This many!  And of course, Ash is making a silly face.  I love that baby!

I love how Ash is looking at Maddie :)

They were all pretty busy trying to get the pieces in before it popped.

Remember those kitchen chairs I was telling you about…here he is standing on one.  He thinks he's cool stuff!

And now he has full access to the craft caddy.  

Hmm, which marker should I grab?  

This blue one looks good.  

I've always wondered what was in this little drawer...

Some erasers…sweet!

I'm not sure what to do about the craft caddy now.  We use it every day.  Multiple times a day.  So, I don't want to move it, but I also don't want Ash to have his little hands in it all the time either.  Hmm.  I definitely need to find a new home for the scissors for awhile that's for sure.  The pencils worry me too because they're so sharp.  I don't know.  He also figured out how to climb up on the little table the hamster cage is on.  So, she may get moved to a higher location for awhile too.  

Vann and Chayce did something pretty cool today.  My friend, Nicole, owns a candy shop in downtown Bartlett and she called yesterday to see if she could borrow the boys for a few hours today.  She's making a commercial for the candy store and wanted them to be in it.  They were soooo excited!  

They were talking about it this morning and Vann was telling Chayce that the commercial is gonna be on the computer.  Chayce said, 'Who's computer?'  Vann said, 'Everyone's computer!'  They both thought this was pretty cool :)

So, Nicole picked them up today and they spent over two hours acting out a little scene for the commercial.  We won't hear them talking because there will be voice overs during the commercial, but it'll be cool to see them in the pictures she snapped.  When she gets it all put together I'll be sure to share it with you here.  So fun!

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