Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ash's 18 month check up

Ash had his 18 month check up last week.  He cried the entire time, again.  And he didn't even get any shots!  The doctor was very understanding which was nice.  He let me hold Ash for most of the check up which helped a lot.  He weighs 22.1 pounds and is 32 inches long.  

This lil' cutie fell on the driveway the other night and bonked his head :(

He loves playing outside.  He tries to carry two balls around all the time…which is probably why he fell the other day.  And he loves watching the boys ride their bikes and scooters.  

The past week or so he's been really jabbering up a storm trying to say sentences.  We have no idea what he's saying because it sounds like a bunch of gibberish.  The boys and I just laugh because it's so cute.  And it's even cuter when he's mad and he jabbers :)

He does this thing every night at dinner.  He sits in his chair and eats most of his food.  Then he hands me his plate and says 'all done!'  So, I get him out and he walks right over to Chris, climbs on his lap and finishes eating dinner.  It's cute.  And he does it pretty much every meal Chris is home for.  

Okay, I'm off to get snuggled up and watch some tv.  Have a great night!

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