Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reading and eggs-periments

I love listening to Chayce read.  And I love that he loves it.  He's always grabbing a book and asking if he can read it to me.  Seriously, it's the 
best :)  

Speaking of books…Chayce randomly had a bloody nose the other day while reading one of his library books.  And unfortunately one drop of blood dripped on the book.  So, when we took it back I told the library and they said they'd get back to me about how much it would cost to replace the book.  Are you ready???  Twenty-one dollars!!  Yes, you read that right…$21 for a regular children's hard cover book.  And it's on the small side…it's only 8 x 7 inches.  I was shocked.  They were nice though and let us keep the damaged book so, at least we got something for that $21.  Crazy.  

He's reading a book to the girls :)

Checking out their new book…it's one of those where you have to find all the differences between two pictures.  

They like it a lot!

I hosted an eggs-periment playdate this past Friday.  We did all sorts of fun experiments with eggs.  The kids' favorite was the egg drop.  They had to keep a raw egg from breaking when it was dropped from a high spot.  They could build whatever creation they wanted with any of the materials I put on the table (felt, cotton balls, string, styrofoam, etc.)  It was pretty cool to see what they came up with and how everyone's creation was different.  And they got soooo excited if their egg didn't break!  I think only two eggs broke in all.  

All the kids making their creations to keep their eggs safe.

Vann made a parachute for his.

Getting ready to drop his egg.

His egg didn't break!

One of the mom's wanted to get even higher so, she stood on her van :)

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