Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Reviews

'Just One Day' by Gayle Forman…This book is about Allyson who falls in love while in Paris and ends up losing her guy (like she couldn't find him so, she just went back home to the US).  Then a year later she searches for him and when she finally does find him the book ends…like just ends.  No convos about hey how ya been?  I love you let's be together.  Nothing.  The end.  Big bummer.  I did look and there's a sequel so, I'll read that soon to find out what happens.  Overall it was a good book though.  Makes me want to learn a new language and travel overseas and spend weeks just exploring. day, one day.  

'Looking for Alaska' by John Green…I'm kind of obsessed with John Green after reading 'The Fault in Our Stars'.  This was his first book and it's really good.  It's also very sad.  It's about how Miles, who is 16 years old, decides to go to boarding school to search for a Great Perhaps.  He ends up becoming really close friends with a few boys and a girl, Alaska. They do all sorts of fun stuff like pull pranks on other kids, sneak away to smoke and drink, ya know all fun teenager stuff (all things my kids will never do).  And then something happens and I'm not going to tell you what so, you're just gonna have to read the book to find out.  Good read though!

So, John Green.  He's a funny guy.  I've watched a few videos he's posted online and he's not only funny, but really smart and kinda quirky.  I like him.  I'm on the wait list at the library for his other book, 'Paper Towns'.  And I've already read his book 'An Abundance of Katherines'…which oddly enough I didn't like at all.  

In the book, 'The Fault in Our Stars' he mentions another book, 'An Imperial Affliction', which is Hazel's favorite book and is a big part of Hazel and Augustus's quest in the book.  Anyhow, I wanted to know if that book was real.  It's not.  But Mr. Green says that it's a mix of two books, 'Infinite Jest' by David Foster Wallace and 'The Blood of the Lamb' by Peter De Vries.  He said if you read those two books, you'll get a feel for what 'An Imperial Affliction' would be like if it was in fact a real book.  So, I got 'Infinite Jest' from the library…it's a huge book!  Like over 1000 pages huge, with really small print.  I'm starting it tonight.  I hope it's good.  

I know I'm not an author, but I want to write a book.  It's kind of on my bucket list.  I can see why authors need to go to a quiet cabin on a lake to write.  I can barely clear my head enough to write a blog post.  Writing a whole book, which mind you I have zero ideas for, seems impossible right now.  Maybe one day though.  While I'm vacationing in Paris.  And speaking French.  It could happen.  

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