Monday, April 28, 2014

Crazy hair

I finally gave the older two a haircut last week.  It was much overdue.  Ash could use one too, but his isn't completely out of control just yet.  And he wakes up with some crazy bed head which is uber cute so, I think I'll leave it long a little while longer.  

Chaycers riding this fun bike.  You don't pedal, you twist.  They like it!

Vann's showing me a trick on his scooter.  

Chayce's turn for a scooter trick.  I love the tongue :)

A boy and his bat…just don't get too close or you might get whacked!

He was excited about an airplane :)

Seriously, he's growing up too fast!

My lil monkey :)

I see you!  


You can kinda see his crazy hair here.  It was like a feathery mohawk.  

Look at that leaf mom!

It was pretty windy this day and so, he watched it dance around the garage for quite awhile.  

Sweetness :)

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