Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter fun

We had a nice Easter.  The boys woke up and were excited to see what all the bunny had left them.  Not a lot of candy this year.  I don't let them eat much of it and then I'm the one eating it by the handfuls.  No good.  So I got zero chocolate.  I cannot be trusted around chocolate.  One fun thing the boys did get was a boom box.  They're just like Chris and they love listening to music.  So, I thought it would be fun for them to be able to take it from room to room or even outside.  It's been playing nonstop since Sunday :)  

Ash checking out his basket.

He was excited!

Oooh, pretzels, my fav :)

And a ball…I love balls!

The older two digging into their baskets.

Smile Vann!

His eyes are always squinting when he smiles :)

The best part about Easter…the grass that ends up everywhere!  Can you sense my sarcasm :)

He was a big fan of it that's for sure.  Had the floor covered in no time!

He got new alligator jammies the other day…he loves his chomp chomp :)

Checking out his coloring book.

And his glow ball…a beach ball with a glow stick in it.  

We went to Brian's families house in the afternoon.  The kids had a ball playing outside…it was soooo nice out!  When we got back home Ash took a much needed nap and the older two colored eggs.  Nothing like doing it 'on' Easter, right?  I love coloring eggs.  They both made some pretty ones!

Ash is like 'Hey guys, you wanna play catch with this ball??'  

Vann, Chayce, Evelyn and Gabriella after hunting for eggs.  I wish they lived closer because they all get along so well.

Chayce was making a half-sie…each half of the egg a different color.

Look Mom!  

Dipping the other half of his half-sie egg.


Whatcha doin' over there Vann?

He taped his egg three different times and it turned out really cool!  
Happy Easter!!

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