Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Opening day

It was Opening Day for baseball on Saturday.  The teams all walked in a parade in the morning (that no one watched which was kinda funny).  It was a little over a mile walk.  Then one of the local restaurants donated 1500 hotdogs, waters and bags of chips for everyone to eat.  They had jumphouses set up and music playing.  It was a fun time!  It was nice cuz the kids got to run around and get to know each other a little better outside of just practicing.  They also did the raffle ticket drawing.  I waited patiently for them to call our name, but no such luck.  Another family on our team won the grand prize of $1000 though!  And they're so sweet…they're treating the whole team and their fam's to pizza after a game in a few weeks.  So nice of them.  

Our team…the Twins.  I made signs for them to carry during the parade.  Vann is right next to Ash who just happened to sneak in the picture :)

Vann (#15) is walking with Jack.  He was excited to make a new friend :)

He's like, 'Haha, these fools gave me a real bat!'  


My little 3rd baseman :)

He found a big stick.  Is he all boy or what?!

Hiya!  I'm gonna get that tree :)

He poses for me every time I start taking pictures…I love it!

I snuck a picture of him in the dugout :)

He got to pitch!  Mind you he's never even once practiced pitching, but he did great!  He got the ball to the plate 'almost' every time...which is pretty far.  

He did lob it kinda high a few times, but still…for never doing it before, I was one proud momma :)

The game was in the afternoon and it was sooo cold.  We were all freezing and ready to get home.  The fields are always so much chillier than let's say our house.  And it's always super windy which makes it even worse.  But we survived :)

When we got home Ash laid down for a nap and I took the older two to a BBQ at a friend's house.  Although we didn't stay for the BBQ part.  They just played with some friends they haven't seen in forever and then we headed home to eat dinner with Dad and Ash. We were all ready to relax after our busy day of running around.  

So, that was our Saturday, how was yours?

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