Monday, April 21, 2014

Electronic games

The kids wanted to play some electronic games the other day.  Here are some pics...

Chayce helping Ash.  He was wearing his Darth Vader cape, it was falling off, but it was cute anyhow.  

He likes to pop the balloons.

He really can't 'play' the games all that well, but he sure likes to hold the Kindle and try.

Mia watching Vann play a game on my phone.



Ash was way too busy to smile for the camera :)


I love how they're all snuggled into Vann :)

I bought Chayce some plain colored shirts to go with a few pairs of jammie pants he has that didn't come with shirts.  Ash was insistent he wear one of them.  It was soooo cute!

He was running around, smiling and dancing.  It was adorable.  Chayce said it looked like he was wearing an old man shirt…haha!  

Mom can you take this pesky tag off please??

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