Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baseball news

Ash was so cute at Chayce's t-ball on Saturday.  He kept going up to Chayce while he was in the dugout waiting for his turn to bat.  He would squat down, look under his hat and say 'Hi!'.  Chayce would give him a hug and Ash would sit right in between all the boys.  It was adorable!  The coach even let him do the 'everybody put your hand in and yell this' at the end of practice.  

Ash is wearing an orange hat and Chaycers is two kids to the right, he has a black and green hood hanging out of his shirt.  

Vann had a game as well on Saturday morning.  Afterwards the team met at a local pizza place and chowed down.  

Vann is all the way to the right in the back.  

Last night Vann was supposed to have a game, but it got cancelled because of a storm.  We had to wait in our cars till they decided to cancel it.  It was like a big tailgate without the beer and food.  

Vann and Brandon sitting in the back of his car talking, watching the storm brew and eating sunflower seeds.  He's getting so big!

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