Monday, May 12, 2014

Lego sweeper

The boys finished making all of their Lego simple machines.  Now they get to make mechanisms with many simple machines put together.  They were soooo excited to do this!  Lego sweeper was their first creation.  

First up, a pic of our cute baby :)

What's cool is that it involves teamwork.  There are two booklets…Vann builds the part from one book and Chayce builds the part from the other book then they put them together and it creates their mechanism.  Fun!

They built one sweeper, but then made small changes to see what type of gear system worked the best.  They also experimented using two, three and four sweeper arms on the bottom.  
They even crumpled up little pieces of paper to try out which sweeper worked the best.  
They loved this part!

Let's see if it'll sweep a Lego guy…funny boys :)

Turns out a small gear in the front with a larger gear in the back and four sweeper arms gets the job done the best.  

They are really looking forward to making the next mechanism.  I love this set…they get to play with Legos and learn at the same time…you can't beat it!

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