Friday, May 16, 2014

Reptile week

We learned all about reptiles this week.  I even incorporated some crafts…it's about time Jen!  I need to be better about crafts.  The kids love them and I love having our walls all decorated with their colorful creations.  So, hopefully I can keep it up and you'll be seeing more crafty stuff :)

Chaycers painting his turtle.

Vann painting his turtle.

Vann and Nate

Chayce and Mia

They cut them out after they dried, glued them onto another sheet of paper and made it into a little scene with other animals.  They turned out cute! 

This little one thinks he's big enough to sit with the big boys all the time now.  No more baby chair mom!

Seriously, how cute is he?!?!

The boys made another Lego mechanism this week…a fishing pole!  They experimented using different pulley systems and then added weight to the Lego fish to see which mechanism worked the best.  

Chayce trying to catch the fish.

Vann pulling it up by hand…this was one of the ways they were supposed to experiment with to show you how much easier simple machines like pulleys make things.  

The boys and their fishing pole :)

Chaycers using a pulley to reel his fish in.

Good catch Chayce!

Chayce coloring his alligator.

Vann cutting his alligator out.

Ash checking out the oil pastels.

Hmmm, this paper keeps coming off.

Let me pick out another color...

And color my gator with it...

Really checking it out now.

Chomp, chomp!

A shot of Chaycers reading a book…check out his socks :)

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