Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chayce's 6th Birthday!!!

I'm a little late in posting this, but my sweet lil' Chaycer's turned 6 on September 18th!!  He is my snuggle bug still and I love it.  He's funny and caring and loves his brothers like crazy!  Love my Chaycers :)

So, we started his birthday out by opening presents...can't beat that!  He got a lot of Minecraft stuff...that's the newest craze in this house.  He also got some Legos, a Wii U game, an illusion book, a magnetic science kit and some other fun stuff.  

Checking out his new Wii U game.

Opening a Lego set

Excited about Minecraft toys!

I think that's more Minecraft.

Aunt Kathy sent him Minecraft Legos...I mean come on does it get any better?!

Cake time!!  He asked for a strawberry was yum!

Since his birthday was during the week we planned to have a special day at home.  We played hooky from school and soccer practice and just did fun stuff all day long.  In the morning, we went to Toysrus to spend his $50 gift card and he picked out an awesome Lego set, but it was $70.  So, I pulled out my phone to check Amazon's price and wouldn't ya know it was only $50 on Amazon!  Then I asked an employee if they price match and sure enough they do so, Chayce ended up getting a $70 Lego set for only $50!!  Sweet deal right?!  He also picked out all of our meals for the day.  Pancakes, pokey eggs and a banana for breakfast, homemade lunchables with fruit and veggies for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner.  He had a fun day!

Then that weekend we had a friend party.  All the kids met at our house for some cupcakes and we also opened presents.  Then we headed to Legoland!  They rode on a few rides, watched a 4-d movie (when it rained in the movie water sprinkled on us and at the end of the movie a skunk sprayed and they made it smell like skunk in the theater!), learned how Legos were made, looked at a ton of Lego displays and played in a big play land area.  After Legoland we walked across the street and got some Jamba yum!  It was a fun day!

More Legos!

And more Minecraft!  

My lil' cutie :)

Kinda blurry, but this was the best cupcake picture

They were good!

My carload on the way to Legoland :)

All the kiddos being silly!

The mommas being silly :)  We were rockin' our 3-d glasses.

Another not very perfect group shot lol.

Happy Birthday to my Chaycers!  We love you bunches!!

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