Friday, May 8, 2015

Yoga & Shopping

I love working out.  To think back to a year ago when I never worked out, we're talking now where I never miss a day...kinda crazy.  It's just a part of my life now and I love it!  Anyhow, the boys joined me in my workouts this past weekend.  Their poses are always so super cute!  

Chaycers doing Warrior 1...I love yoga.

Look at me Mom!

No hands!

Ash is helping Dad clean the garage.  

The boys and I went to Old Navy the other night.   They had this table set up in the fitting!!  They were all totally occupied and happy while I tried my clothes on.  I was in the fitting room right beside the table so I could hear them was non stop lol.  And I popped my head out every few minutes and little Ash peeked under the door worked out perfect!  

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