Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Library

The boys love going to the library.  For reals, they really do.  And I love it!  We go about once a week to get new books.   Once we get upstairs (that's where the kid section is) the boys each go search for whatever books they are interested in.  They know how to use the computer to look up book topics, they jot down a few call numbers and then they go look for their books.  Watching them do this literally makes my heart smile.  And then little Ash always heads over to the puzzles and board books and gets to work.  The area upstairs is small enough that we can each go our separate ways (minus Ash...someone always stays by him) and still see or hear each other.  And all of the librarians know us because we're there so often and the boys go to a lot of their classes so, it's probably one of the only places I'm comfortable letting them out of my sight without fear of them getting taken.  I know, I know...sounds dramatic, but it happens.  Anywho, the library...we all love it!  

Here are a few pics from our visit last night...

By the end of our visit he had the floor covered in completed puzzles!

I found him in the non fiction section like!

Sitting by Ash while I grabbed a few books.  

None of them wanted to get out of the car!  

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