Thursday, June 4, 2015

Computer programming

Last weekend at the library Vann picked out a book about writing computer programs.  I so love that he is curious and always looking to learn something new.  When we got home he opened the book and dug right in!  It's a book for beginners and has a little humor in it that he enjoys.  It starts super simple and keeps adding more complex stuff until you are writing these pretty cool programs.  

Here's the book he picked out.

He was sooo excited to show me his first program!  

They were so cute!

He would write it and then they both loved running it and watching it work!

His second program...a short trivia game.

Then he made it do these circles. 

Since then he's written quite a few more.  The most recent being a hangman game...super cool!  I'm excited to see where this goes for him and how long he stays interested in it.  Kinda funny, the day after he brought this book home, one of the girls in the homeschooling group I'm in told me about a free programming class that Microsoft is offering this summer for 8-11 year olds...I mean what perfect timing!  So I jumped all over that and signed him up for the August session.  He is very excited and cannot wait!

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