Friday, June 5, 2015

Gumdrop Playdate

We had a few friends over for a gumdrop/marshmallow building playdate on Wednesday.  It was a lot of fun!  

The goods!

Everyone's busy creating.

First they built 2-D shapes with marshmallows. 

Harley's turning her rectangle into a prism.

Chayce was building all kinds of shapes!

Even little Ash was into it!  

Then they started building 3-D shapes.  

The older boys :)

They had quite a few creations by the time we were done!  

She loved it!

Then we switched to gumdrops.  They found out pretty quickly that these were a lot sturdier!

One of their challenges was to build a creation that could hold a book without falling over.

They discovered that adding some support to the sides really helped keep the structure sturdy.  

I love this one that Vann created!

Yep it holds the book!  

Check out Vann's rocketship on the left...pretty cool!

She made this fun creation :)

Snacking on some popcorn and maybe a few gumdrops :)

Chaycers is reworking one of his structures.

So not only was this a lot of fun, they learned a lot too!  We talked about the vertices, edges and faces of our shapes.  We discussed why some shapes were sturdier than others and how adding additional support was very helpful.  And how when they started building taller structures this extra support was even more crucial.  Some of the boys added balancers to the bottoms of their structures so that if if tried to topple it helped to hold it up...I thought this was pretty creative.  They all did a really great job!

And the best part...getting to eat some yummy treats when they were done!  The gumdrops were their favorite and they had no trouble gobbling almost all of them up!  I still have a few boxes of unopened gumdrops left and I plan to have them build bridges next time...should be a lot of fun :)

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