Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun with Legos!

The boys had a friend over for some Lego fun the other day.  Finding new things to do with them was tough as they love Legos and play with them often.  But I did manage to find a few fun ideas that they all enjoyed!

First they colored their own Lego guy...

Then they had to build the shape that matched the outline on the paper.

Vann busted his out in no time...I wasn't surprised!  Next time I will make his uber hard :)

Chayce took a little longer, but he figured it out too!  

My sweet thing :)  

Next up was some Lego Bingo!  My boys love Bingo so this was fun for them.  

Once someone got a Bingo, we played till they filled the board up. 

They're big challenge was to build a catapult.  I was excited to see what they came up with on this one!

Launching a Lego dude :)  I didn't get a picture of Chayce's catapult, but he made a cool one too!  

It was a fun time!  After these activities they had time to build whatever their little hearts desired.  I love Legos because you can use them in so many ways to encourage creativity and learning.  Hope you're having a fun day!

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