Thursday, June 25, 2015

More t-ball action

Here's a few shots from one of Chayce's t-ball games about a week or so ago.  He loves playing pitcher because he gets a lot of action.  His favorite is when someone is on 3rd base so, he can scoop the ball up and run it home.  He's a pretty fast lil guy!  

He's ready!

I love this action shot!

Every time he would run super fast and then slow up his last step to place the ball back on the was cute.  

Getting ready to scoop the ball up.

I think the runner may have skipped stepping on home plate this time.  It happens a lot with these little guys lol.  We've had a few games where players on the opposing team would be making sand angels in the dirt while playing short stop or 1st base or where ever.  It's funny to watch!

This lil cutie was loving the swings!

His giggles are just the best!  I could listen to this all day long :)

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