Sunday, July 26, 2015


The boys love Bingo.  Even the kind that gets makes them this Time and Money Bingo.  On this day, they chose to play the money version.  I love that they have to use their noggins, but still have a fun time!

Bingo and snacks...does it get any better?!

This cutie looks pretty serious now, but he was quite the little goofball during this game of Bingo...keep reading and you will see what I'm talking about...

He started doing this silly dance when he was able to cover a was hilarious!

Vann almost has a Bingo!

He's like dude, my brother is sooo silly!

He has cracking up here!

Seriously...he's so super silly...

And here's the arm-pumping-crazy-giggle-dance lol.

Cracking up at Chayce!  And look...he got a Bingo!!


It was a fun Bingo game!  They ended up going for multiple Bingos because they didn't want the game to be over.  I love these two crazy kids! 

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