Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cub Scout Camp - Day 3

Guess who got to take the boys to their last day of Scout Camp??  Me!!  Excited much...you betcha!  The only downfall of spending the day with the boys was that I had to leave my sweet little Ash.  He and Dad had a fun day though...they went to the park, the Dollar Store for water guns, played t-ball, all kinds of fun stuff!

They learned about animal tracks and why they're important.  Then they made some to take home.

Origami!  They loved this one!  

Vann was in heaven making an origami dragon. 

At the end he taught one of the other Scout leaders how to do it as he was kinda confused during the initial lesson.  I loved watching Vann help him!   

The leader finally understood it after Vann explained it to him :)

Archery...both of the boys loved this! 

And they were very good at it too. 

They had the most bullseyes out of their Pack...pretty cool!  Below is a video of Chaycers getting a bullseye!

This game was called Gaga Ball.  

I've never seen it before, but it's really easy to learn.  You just throw the ball to get people out and the last person in the middle is the winner.  

Vann and Chayce were the last two in one of the games!  Vann won, but Chayce gave it his all :)

We picked mulberries off this tree...not quite ripe enough, but still yummy!  Reminded me of my cousins' house...we would sit in the mulberry trees at their house and eat them until we were all
purple :)

Another fav was BB guns.  This is Chaycers.

And this is Vann.  I love how they both have their legs up :)

Love this shot of Chayce.

I shot a round too!  

I had a really great time with them at camp!  I will say some of the crafty stuff could've probably been skipped altogether as they didn't allow for much creativity.  But the games and shooting sports were lots of fun!  When we got home I was soooo excited to give my little Ash a ginormous hug.  I could've squeezed him all night if he let me.  It was a fun filled weekend and I look forward to doing something similar with them next summer!

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