Monday, August 10, 2015

Petting zoo, snuggles & a cute little frog

Hello!!  Sorry it's been so long since I posted.  We went on vacation and it's taken me a bit to jump back into my daily routine.  But I'm back and ready to get ya all caught up on what's been happening over here :)

Chaycers went to a birthday party at a petting zoo a few weekends ago.  He had a fun time feeding all the animals.  Although those goats can be little stinkers!  One of them grabbed his bag of food and ate the entire thing!!  I couldn't believe he ate the paper bag...silly goat.  

Feeding the goats

He liked it!

Peacocks are so pretty.  They even had a leucistic peacock...kinda like an albino, but has dark eyes.  

I thought this golden red pheasant was cute.

More goats to feed :)

Chayce and Ash are my super snugglers.  They love to wrap their legs around mine and just get as close and cozy as possible.  I love it!  Here they are snuggling together...makes my heart smile :)

See...the leg wrapping!  And Ash doesn't mind a bit :)

We had a garage sale in the middle of July.  I had been putting stuff aside for the last year to sell, but I also knew I needed to take a closer look at all of our stuff.  So I took a week and went through everything!  It felt great to declutter and reorganize.  Man did we have a lot of stuff to sell!  Honestly it was a little embarrassing.  Just so many toys and games...way too many for three little boys to play with.  It felt soooo good to get rid of a bunch of stuff.  And of course we didn't sell everything, but instead of bringing it back in the house we gave it all (minus one small box - I let the boys take one last look at what was left and if it fit in the box they could keep it) to some families at Chris's work.  He loaded up his truck and when he delivered it to them they were so grateful.  Made us both happy to be helping them out :)  

Here's half the driveway full of stuff.

The kids were such troopers during the sale.  One day they found this teeny tiny frog.  

Here he is in Ash's hand...look how little he is!

Ash liked him a lot!

Such a cutie!!  

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