Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All About Rocks

For the next few weeks we are learning all about rocks.  So far the boys have collected rocks, made rock candy, learned about how different rocks are formed, fun stuff like that.  I love geology.  I took a class in college (way back in the day) and it was one of my most fav classes ever.  So re-learning about it with the kids has been pretty cool!

They loved collecting rocks.

You may think they would just scoop up a handful of rocks and be done, but they didn't.  Each rock was carefully selected before it was put into their container.  

After they collected some rocks, they picked a few of their most favs.  

They drew them in their workbooks and wrote why they liked them the best.

We haven't started our preschool curriculum just week yay!  But I still found ways to keep Ash busy while the older boys did their school.  

This little dude loves to cut.  He will sit and cut and cut and cut until the table is full of itty bitty pieces of paper.  I love it!

So focused...lil' cutie!

Making rock candy!  It takes a few weeks for the rock candy to form so for now we wait and watch.  Every day the boys check to see how many more sugar crystals have formed.  They get really excited when they notice more on the string or top of the glass!

Here are a few of the books we've enjoyed reading while learning all about rocks...

National Geographic: Everything Rocks and Minerals
Let's Go Rock Collecting
If You Find a Rock
I Wonder Why Stalactites Hang Down
Extreme Rocks & Minerals
Caves: Mysteries Beneath Our Feet

And we've also used this Rock On! game...the kids love this one!  

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