Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall Activities

Fall is right around the corner...yay!  I'm usually very sad for summer to be over, but for some reason am uber excited for fall this year.  I'm loving the cooler temps...I'm a total hoodie girl :)  I spent this past weekend getting the boys signed up for a few fall activities.  It's fun to see them start to venture off into their own things.  In the past they've pretty much signed up to do all the same things.  But this year we're shaking things up a bit which is a-ok with me!  

Vann's going to start swim lessons in about a week.  He loves to swim and is really looking forward to getting more water action.  My hope is that his strokes get a little better as I know that will help him become an even better swimmer.  

Chacyers started soccer this week.  He has practice two nights a week and games on Saturdays.  I really like his coach...we had him last year as well.  His main focus is for the kids to have fun and I love that.  Yes, I want him to learn new skills, but mostly I want him to try his best and have fun doing it.  I'm excited to watch Chayce do something he enjoys and hopefully score a few goals!

And my little Ash is going to do soccer as well.  He is soooo super excited about it!  I really cannot wait to see him's going to be great!  His soccer is only 4 classes...kinda bummed about that, but if it goes well I'll sign him up for more.  

And now for some random pics from the past week or so...

Take my picture Mom!

Sweet Chaycers :)

Exploring the rocks in their Rock On! game.  

They really like this game!

Playing at the playground before soccer practice last night.

Notice anything different?!  He lost his tooth yesterday afternoon!!

Vann is really into learning how to play the piano right now.   I love watching/hearing him play!  I heart the piano a lot and loved playing when I was younger.  Who am I kidding...I still love playing!

Here's a video of him practicing his C Major Arpeggios.  We are loving the free lessons from Hoffman Academy.

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