Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glowga & ice cream

It's no secret...I heart yoga.  So much so that I got myself a membership to my fav little yoga studio, Bloom Wellness Center.  I never imagined loving it this much.  It has impacted and changed me on the outside as well as on the inside.  It really is amazing and if you ever get a change to try it, you totally should!  

The boys love yoga too!  There's a kids yoga class every Saturday morning that I take them to once a month.  I'd take them every week, but it gets a little spendy with 3 of them so a monthly treat is enough for now.  Well one day Bloom had a special class for the kids to celebrate their 2nd birthday...Glowga.  It was yoga with glow sticks, glow paint, a black light and the whole class was in the dark.  So very cool!!  

My three munchkins :)

Painting ourselves with glow paint.

Kinda blurry, but this little dude loved it!

A pic by the black light :)

After class, they helped to create a Happy Birthday sign for Bloom.  It was their 2 year anniversary.  

Painting with Mary, she's so great with the kids.

A few days later we stopped by Nicole's candy shop and enjoyed some ice cream.  

I love his camera smile :)  

Swinging with their buddy, Kenny.  We miss him living next door to us.  They soak up every minute we do get to spend with him though!

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