Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cave Art

The boys did another Deep Space Sparkle art lesson yesterday for our Friday fun day.  This one was similar to our blue dog artwork from last week with a fun twist.  Crinkled paper!  Yep, to make it look a little more like cave art they had to crinkle their paper into a ball before drawing on it.  They loved this!  

Smooshing their paper.  They pushed and squished and even sat on it.  Chayce thought this was pretty fun :)

Then they carefully uncrinkled it.

And smoothed it out.

Patty, the Deep Space Sparkle art teacher, provided them with a few animal ideas to draw.  I was super impressed at how well each of them drew!  

They used a black oil pastel to draw their animal.

So good right?!

Admiring his work :)

Then they began coloring their animal using chalk pastels.  

Harley's enjoying this one as well...even though she looks so serious :)

I love his lines :)

Now it's time to smooth the chalk out.

Adding some color around the outside of his animal.

Smoothing it out...

Vann laid his chalk pastels on their sides and rubbed them around the very outside of his paper.

Retracing his black oil pastel.

Look how great he did!!  

Amazing Chaycers!!

Love it Harley!!

Now I have some beautiful Cave Art for my walls!  

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