Monday, August 17, 2015

T-Ball Pool Party

Chaycers had his end of the year t-ball party at one of his teammates house.  They have a pretty sweet in-ground pool.  The kids all loved it!!  Vann really enjoyed the slide and playing basketball with his buddy.  It was a super fun time and we ended up staying there till around 10pm...way past the boys' bedtime!  

Sitting on the step.

They're ready to get their trophies.

Shaking hands with Coach.

Ryan and Ash with Paige in the pool.

Hey, where did she go?!

Ash's first time eating cheese puffs :)

Cute boy! 

This pic was from our garage addition to finding a frog, they also found this cute lil' caterpillar.  Ash liked him :)

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