Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trip to Kansas (4th of July) - Part 1

Yeah yeah, I know it's August and I'm just now posting about our 4th of July trip.  I promise to get caught up on our happenings soon, like this week!  Every year we drive to Kansas to visit Chris's family.  And it's always a super great time!!  Here's some pics from our vacation this year...

My sweet Vann get snuggly on the way there.  

And here's Chaycers...

Getting sprayed with sunscreen so they can play in the small pool outside.  

Chillaxing like Dad :)

Hey Chayce...your swim shorts are on backwards lol.  He didn't care one bit :)

The boys changed from clothes to swim shorts like 50 times I swear.  Here's Vann all clothed again working his magic with some dominoes.  

Ash is still hanging in the pool.  Little cutie!

Love them to pieces!

Anybody got a water gun?!?!

Hey Mom!

Oh my gosh this was so funny.  They were all making fart bubbles with their swim shorts!

They cracked up every time they got a successful fart bubble!

Hey cutie!

Grandma Rana snuggles :)

We went to a parade on the morning of the 4th.  This is Chayce, Vann, Lane, Ash and Tristen...love the bunny ears :)

I know I'm always saying he's so cute...but for reals, he totally is!

Oooh what's coming?!?!

Why so serious Chaycers?!

Let's see how many pieces of candy we can devour before the parade is even over!

The candy bag...he insisted on carrying it. 

We usually go a little over board with fireworks, but we all love them!  Here's the boys in their assembly line getting the mortars ready.

Ash is watching Vann closely...

Our loot!

They always tie 3 or 4 mortars together.

Doing some pops with Jaxon.

I'm not a huge fan of this action...makes me super duper nervous.  

Vann helped Dad a lot with the fireworks this year.  He's getting so big!  

Checking out what this one does.

Lighting some mortars...

This is their tube creation.  It allows them to light off more than one bunch of mortars at a time making for a sweet finale!

So pretty!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trip tomorrow!

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