Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple Handprint Tree

Our theme this week is Apples...goes well with our letter A lessons don't ya think?!  We read my most fav book yesterday, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I love love that book!  Anyhow, to continue that story a bit we created our own apple tree using the kids' handprints for leaves.

Remember those handprints we did last week?  Well, we made these green ones that day as well.  

Two hands!

Load 'em up!

Checking out his green hands :)

After their green handprints dried, I cut them all out and saved them for our tree.  Then yesterday they painted their apples.  We used small paper plates and I let them paint until they said they were done.  

Harley and Ash both picked green first.

He was digging it!

Moving onto red...

Lots of swirl action going on.

Time for a yellow one!

And back to red...

Gotta get the edges too :)

All of our apples!

Once the paper plates dried, I cut out the centers in an apple-ish shape.  Then during nap time I put their tree together!  The kids love it and every time they walk by it they check out the handprints.  I plan to turn this apple tree into a fall tree in a few weeks :)

Apple Handprint Tree!

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