Monday, September 7, 2015

Triangles & Handprints

Our shape of the month is a triangle, so I try to incorporate triangles throughout our day in addition to doing projects like this one.  We have triangle crackers for snack, I cut their sandwiches into triangles, fun stuff like that.  So this's a good one!  Fine motor action, size comparison, counting, good stuff.  Check it out...

First they colored the triangles at the bottom.  

He did so good making his glue lines.  

And he matched up the correct straw sizes too!

Then he counted his straws.  

Here's a video of Ash doing his project.  I apologize for the squeaking noise in the background...that's our dryer.  It needs to be's so noisy!  

All my munchkins getting ready for story time!  

Love this crazy kid!  

One day for our craft the kids made handprints.  

It was a big hit!  I mean playing in paint...who doesn't love that?!

Time to add some blue.

Way up here...the perfect spot!

Mixing orange and yellow...yes!

Show me your hands!

Harley loved it too!

How 'bout some purple?

Right here...yes!

We had a great first week of preschool!  The kiddos are very eager to learn which excites me.  This coming week we're going to focus on the letter A.  Our theme for the week will be apples.  I foresee lots of yummy snacks in our near future!

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