Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jelly Fish Artwork

This art project turned out so super cool!  I am in love with their jelly fish!  Just wait till you see their finished pics, you'll see what I'm talking about :)  This lesson was from Deep Space Sparkle and it's free so, you can click here to check it out!

First they picked their colors and began painting their ocean.  This project took us two days because of dry time.  

So pretty right!? 

Painting her red...
Looks great Harley!


Blending his blue and purple.

Making sure to get the corners with his black. 

Adding some white bubbles...
They loved this!

It made quite the mess!  There were little white dots all over everything lol.  

When the paint dried they drew their jelly fish using a chalk pastel.

Now it's time to fill them in.  

Chaycers picked a different color for each of his jelly fish.

Vann made his multi colored.  
Such pretty jelly fish!

Harley's beautiful jelly fish and a very silly photo bomber :)

Amazing job Chaycers!

I love all the bright colors Vann!  

I love them!!  

Did you notice something kinda funny while scrolling through those pics??  The boys got a much needed haircut between painting and drawing day!  Ash did not want his hair cut so, he's still rocking a cute lil' messy head of hair.  

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